Quiet Fall

The sound of the wind was surprisingly loud this morning. Jake was waiting in the right spot on the roof of the office building. Looking down the nine stories to the scene below he wondered for a second if he had made the right choices in life. He heard a siren whine from down on the street and tensed.

He rocked back on his heels as a sound much louder then the wind rang out. Looking down he was surprised to feel a pinch of pain as he grabbed for the hole in his shirt. The red was seeping into a large circle. Jake turned as he stumbled to the wall surrounding the edge of the roof. Looking from side to side his feet became tangled. He banged his right knee as he fell sideways off the roof.

The descent was quiet compared to the raucous wind noise of the rooftop.

The impact sounded with a large whoosh. He could hear the second unit director calling cut as the rest of the stunt crew padded down the edges of the huge air bag.

“How did it look?” Jake asked as he dug out the squib pack from under his shirt.

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