not as it might seem

Although my name may seem to most viewers as being quite obvious in its origin, that of Scratch ‘n’ Scrawl being all about writing, I can asure you that things are not always as they seem.

Firstly, being a lover of writing, and very much of text, I have particular loves for different letters and symbols. And I like curves. I like the letter s.

My given name has no esses in it at all.

I also wanted something to do with writing, but also to do with other things in my life, and I have a particular love of tattoos, though I only have one. The word ‘scrawl’ could be used as a description of what a tattooist does on the skin of his subject or client. And those that are “in the know” about tattoos will attest that during the healing process they can get very itchy.

But the last thing one wants to do is SCRATCH.

So my Ficly nom de plume is a makeup of a number of puns, or plays on words, colliding different meanings against and amongst each other.

And Scratch ‘n’ Scrawl runs nicely off the tongue too.

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