My Love for You [poem]

My love for you began like Romeo and Juliet
Like love at first sight.
I’m sorry, but I love you,
I’m sorry, but I’m all yours. Do you understand?
There is a flame flickering between us that started burning
The day that we first met
And nothing and no one can ever extinguish it.

You should know you guard my heart —
You hold it in your hands.
I gave it to you freely, please understand,
With the knowledge that it is yours to do with as you please,
Just like a gift.
I won’t ask for it back, but I will ask you this:
Do take good care of it.

My love for you began like that of a little girl with her first crush -
All bashful blushes and downcast eyes,
Like something out of a fairytale.
But now my love for you has changed, it has matured -

Now I love you with the love of a woman,
Eyes looking into yours directly,
Searching for our future.

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