I Am Raziel

Seeing as I’m a fantasy geek and sci-fi nerd, I sometimes dabble in the videogaming arts. I love the ability to immerse myself into another world or reality if just for a while.

That being said,

In the late 90’s a game came out called The Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver which took place in the fantasy world of Nosgoth and was centralized on a race of vampiric soldiers mainly one named Raziel.

Raziel is the games main character you control in exacting revenge upon your former vamp brethren all the while learning about who you are as the character develops. It’s not just a “go kill this guy then go kill this guy” type of game but a series of events that have monumental repercussions in the stories timeline.

It was a series of several games all connecting each other to a main story all the while offering an escape for me into this amazing world of treachery, revenge and intrigue. I fell in love with the games and connected with the main character through the story and yearn for another to be made.

I’m a geek!

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