Goodbye, World!

Eulogy for East Seedling Island.
Born: January 2007.
Died: May 2009, of complications arising from a bad case of Windows Vista.

We are gathered here today to say goodbye to the citizens of East Seedling Island. They were a varied and somewhat strange group, but we will miss them and all their quirky pixelated ways.

Goodbye to Sam Gherkin! We’ll miss your extra-large nose and Star Fleet Academy t-shirt. When visiting a community lot we could always count on seeing you there in the crowd, pulling pranks on everyone in sight.

Goodbye to poor Angela Byrd who had finally learned to make Baked Alaska without setting herself on fire. And to her husband Gabriel, who was this close to finishing his novel: we know it would have been a best seller. And to Caro Castor, who had transitioned to elder in platinum and was looking forward to retiring and playing with her grandchildren.

Oh, the humanity! If only we had backed you up to the external hard drive the way we kept meaning to. If only.

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