February Air.

The cold chill was dying her cheeks crimson. The wind blew her to the core, striking where she shivers most.
She heard footsteps approaching and knew it was him before he spoke. He took light steps, the snow beneath his feet barely crunched under his weight.
“Before you get me started, I was waiting for you. You always travel ahead of me and I have to catch up, so I was only getting a head start.” She tilted her head to face him and shivered from the wind.
“As long as you say so.” He smiled and grasped her hand and began to traipse through the snow.
“Wait,” She turned to face him, “I want to cherish this moment.” She put her hands on his face, learning the mold with every crevice. “Hm,” She sighed, “I know your face like the back of my hand, and it’s beautiful.”
He smiled and kissed her gently, “Here let me take some of this.” He threw her backpack over his shoulder and tucked her white cane under his arm.
“Shall we continue this brisk walk my lady?”
She searched for his hand and grasped it, “We shall.”

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