Horrible encounter

Amanda gracefully sauntered into the grand hall where Antonio waited for her. “My beloved bride to be.” He said grabbing her hand kissing it. “You get more beautiful by the day.” Amanda just glared at him thinking about her true love. She leaned in closer to him and whispered in his ear, “The day I wed you is the day I die.” their eyes met in a glare. "You will wed me wether you want to or not so your dissaproval of me is pointless.
“Lady Amanda.” Her lady in waiting called. “Your Father requests a conference with you.” Amanda sauntered away gracefully trying to hide her anger from her mother. Once out of everyone’s site she ran to her room. Once there she saw her lover laying on her bed. “Anthony!!” She squealed. Anthony was her serving man, he was gorgeous. He had dark brown hair with chocolate eyes, his features made him look like he was carved out of stone. Amanda fell in love with him the second she saw him when she was out riding her horse, marshmallow.Marshmallow really looked like a burnt marshmallow.

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