Authority derives not from some farcical aquatic ceremony

Bright light.
Shoe on steel.
Tiny pinprick of light.

“When you think about it. It’s not hard to imagine where it starts. I guess it just goes to prove 1600 years is too long. You want to “define your future”. Suckle on the breast of the Lady. Self-determine! Freedom. It is a very catchy idea, and very persistent … unluckily for you."


“Unfortunately this society can’t deal with your idealism. Freedom to Democracy to Socialism to Anarchism. And then where would we be, you know as well as me. We’d be failures. Is your principle worth that?”


“Still feel glad you at least you made one choice, one clear choice although you may not have realised what the outcome was going to be. It was yours, congratulations. It does seem you were born 400 years too early though, or at least the idea in your head was.”

Falling pinprick

“Now could you please … thank you”

Sharp pain.
Fade to black.

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