They Came to Take Me Away

They’re going to take me away.

They’re going to take me away.

I knew they would do it, and I went and blew it.

I boned it, screwed up, shut down, blew up, hosed it, lost it, botched it, broke it.

They want me there.

Away from here. I can’t do it.

I must escape. Leave, exit, jump ship, sail off, fly away. All my transportation is blocked.

It’s all gone. All gone. All of it. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. The Big Freeze. It’s out, out like a fat guy with a bunt to the pitcher.

They’re going to take me, take me away. I’m leaving soon. Very soon. They want me. I don’t want them. I just want them out. Out of here, out of there, out of everywhere.

I can’t leave. They’re closer, now. Closing in on the final point. The final stretch. The final countdown. The final capture, the last of the last of the last.

They’ve nearly got me. I can’t escape. I can’t delay. I have to act.

Perhaps, just maybe, possibly, I could slip by…

… oh dear! They’ve got me! I can’t leave! I’ve much to do!

They came to take me away!

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