Ideas float.

Ideas float.

They can travel on the breeze, floating between people of all different kinds.

One bubble of an idea can travel to another in the blink of an eye.

Or it might take days. Someone living in Europe can have a flash, a brainstorm, a single moment of pure brilliance that illuminates a way for them. It can be be a smart invention, a good story, a simple saying.

And then, the idea will float. It will join the other ideas, simply floating along, bouncing along in the wind, sweeping across deserts, oceans, forests, and long, lonely highways, until it finds a match.

It will descend, silent, but potent as any drug.

The receiver’s mind opens itself to the idea stream, and an idea is gained. Thought of. Realized.

Then two people have that idea. And that idea, after passing through the brain, leaves behind its sticky residue and continues weaving away on the idea current. Some ideas are sticker than others. But all are good for someone, and sometimes it just takes the right mind to pick it up.

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