The Summit

At the summit he stood.
Hands held out wide and in the sky.

The wind flowing around him like an ocean’s current, filling his lungs with frigid air.
He takes a deep breath and lets out a yell. And laughs despite himself.

Opening his eyes he takes in his surroundings.
Filtering the bright light and scanning the sky.

He can see for leagues around himself.
Blue sky above green forest and earthy mountains all around, he smiles.

It was all so peaceful. He felt so free.
But something inside him made him freeze and the smile faded from his lips.

The ground shook and faded into nothingness.
He was falling and overwhelmed with fear as he plummeted through the air.

He woke to a nighmare of unspeakable pain.
He was lying on a gurney unable to move staring at the ceiling.

“Oh fuck” he whispered letting out a sigh.
It all came rushing back to him now….

…..he was about to die!
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