The Same and Simple Answer

The smoke coiled about her, the shadows of shapes swirling in the corners of her vision. Two silver slits appeared above her and spread into a pair of shining eyes.
“So you would know that most elusive secret, mortal?” the voice seeped from all angles and chilled her ears as the words poured into her skull. “So you would know yourself?”
“Yes, Great Dragon of Delphi, I would know what I want the most. I’ve travelled far, I’ve fulfilled all the trials on the journey to the temple, I’ve -”
“Enough. I care not what you have done. Others set those trials, not me. I give to all who think they wish to know.”
The mist poured into her eye sockets, freezing as it went. She no longer saw the cave, she saw a crowd, faces of friends and family, smiling, cheering. There were a thousand moments crushed together into a single sentiment.
We approve of you.
The vision ended. She gasped and crumpled to the cold floor.
“That’s it? That’s all I want? But it’s so petty.”
The dragon sighed as another mortal fled her sight.

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