Desert Angel

“I can’t believe you’re paying me for this,” he said, squinting into the harsh desert sun. Sal’s arms hung by his sides, the weight of the hammer pulling his right arm taught. The handle swayed back and forth, barely perceptible, pulsing with his racing heart.

“How else do we discover our true selves without pushing the limit a bit?” I said. Taking the hammer, I drove the last of the four posts deeply into the dry, shattered soil.

“All done. You ready?” I asked as I laid down on my back – spread eagle, as if to make a sand angel.


“Come on, I’ve already paid you.”

He shook his head, “Not enough.”

Lifting my head off the sand, I locked eyes with Sal, staring at him until he relented.

“Fine,” he said, sighing deeply. “Tell me again why you’re doing this?” he asked as he circled around to my feet, falling to his knees and picking up the ropes.

“I’m seeking a spiritual awakening. I’m convinced this is how. Let’s start with my right foot; bind it tightly,” I said, starting my path to enlightenment.

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