Dust Devil

I watched Sal as he begrudgingly earned his pay. He dragged his bare feet, stirring up the playa dust with his torn and thready bell bottom hems.

“All done. You know, just because your bohemian hash smoking mother named you Angel, doesn’t mean you have to try and be one.”

" Take the rig back to camp and come back the day after tomorrow….I’ll be fine, I’ll stay here purifying under the Solstice Sun."

“There’s buzzards out here, and scorpions and snakes. Here you are, completely naked covered in silver body glitter. You look like a piece of meat wrapped in foil.”

“Sal, get out of here, I paid you” I said.

I watched Sal climb into the land sail and release the break. I decided to try and ask him for one more thing. “Sal, wait!”

“What could you want now, you told me to leave.”

I took a deep breath and twisted in my ropes. “I need you to glue my eyelids open.”

Sal grinned at me through the sunlight, tsk-tsking; “You couldn’t pay me enough old friend, don’t push it”, and the wind swept him away.

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