My eyelids slid open, painfully, exposing my eyes to the blazing sun. Something was crunching in the sand behind me.

Oh god, no more scorpions. Sal. Please let it be him.

“Sal? Is that you?”

“Hey, man.”

“Oh! Thank sweet baby jesus, untie me. Now,” I stammered, my voice hoarse. “Water. Please tell me you brought water?”

“Yup. Untie you first, or do you want the water?”

“Water first.”

Kneeling down beside me, Sal poured a thin stream of water into my mouth until it filled overflowing, streaking my sand covered face.

“So, did you see Jesus?” he asked, untying me.

“What? No; How could you leave me out here,” I screamed, looking over my badly burned chest.

“Hey, man, you dragged me out here and made me,” he said, incredulous. “You even paid me.”

“I did? How much?”


“20 bucks! That’s all it took to convince you it was a good idea to tie me down in the desert? Are you crazy? I can’t believe you left me out here for two days.”

“Oh come on, you big baby; it’s only been 4 hours,” he chided.

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