Acronyms and Explosions

“I don’t mean to be negative, but I don’t like our odds.” Heavy thuds echoed through the valley, overwhelming the assorted pops and clacks already in progress.

“See, that was a JDAM. Isn’t that encouraging.” The men shuddered as another massive explosion rippled through the valley, shaking the ground under them.

“Not when they don’t know we’re out here.”

“Look, the convoy is right over there…”

“The one pinned down by SAF with two vehicles blown to bits by an IED?”

“Yes, that one. My, but you are negative today.” A third thud blanketed the valley, and both men winced as a sudden gust brought the smell of burning.

“Sorry. Could just be the MRE’s, or maybe all the people shooting at us. I don’t know.”

“Right, it’s less than a mile. I say we sprint for it.”

“Your plan sucks.”

“Come on. You know these guys don’t even aim. We’ll probably be fine.”

“Okay, one sec while I pray first.”

After the fourth thud landed uncomfortably close, his friend declared, “Prayer time is over. Let’s go.”

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