Busted Heart

winter has come back again

The snow shoots towards me, parts around my windshield, making a cool, flurrying tunnel, sucking me forever down the dark and icy road.

feels like the season won’t end

The streetlights with their cold cones of light track my progress as I flash by headlights and the foreboding glints of chrome. My hands are on the steering wheel. They grip so hard my knuckles are shock-white.

But I don’t feel a thing.

my faith is dying tonight, and I won’t try to pretend

Snow whips the glass like the lashes of a hundred vicious tongues. It’s not touching me.

But now I notice the headlights have stopped stringing out ahead like joyless Christmas lights. The streetlights are fainter. The road I thought I knew like the back of my hand has betrayed me.

hold on to me

The tires slip again, and I know in my soul and the bitter acid in my mouth I can’t keep control.

I’m spinning, falling, skidding, sliding, far out of the path I laid out for myself.

don’t let me lose my way

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