"I don't want to be THAT guy..."

Look me in the eyes,
and pinky-swear to what isn’t.
But she’s in peripheral vision,
and your fingers were twisted.

Your finger on the mirror
will never leave a reflection,
No, I’ve got spyware detection,
but the smudge is perfection.

Teach me to play a tune
on your nano piano.
No, I won’t sing your soprano,
I’m my own ideal anode.

I want your word in numbers, because grammar only goes so far.
Forget half empty or full, everything evaporates.
An echo in the hollow crest that once detailed the sandbar.
He’s just a rogue, he’s just a rogue, he’s just a wave.

*I see you love me
inebriated chivalries
and October flavored comedies
paint shame on your friend Davinci

*It’s only a tragedy
if tearducts steep a salty tea.
‘Cause grief’s the price of nights unslept
and green hearts deftly sewn on tweed.

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