The thoughts you think before bed. (part 2)

Then your thoughts turn inexplicably to the thought of infinity. That if you were to take a piece of paper, draw a camel that takes up half the page, and another that takes up half the space that remains, and repeated, you would end up with an infinite number of camels.

Indubitably, you then think about nothing. You are taken back to that moment at a concert, a classical music concert, right at the end of a piece. That pause, that moment of silence, when its like the world is holding its breath, just for a second.

Then, lying in your bed, you begin to wonder what happens when you sleep. You wonder if the whole world falls under you, and that’s why you dream. You wonder if whatever’s been hiding under the bed for months now will finally get you. That’s when the fear gets you. The fear that travels under your skin as a shiver, that makes you uncomfortable to the point of fainting.

And it is somewhere in between these layers of thought, the fear, the greed, the perfection, you fall asleep.

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