Free, at last.

Few things in this world made Kate feel more free – alive – than the wind streaming through her long, red hair at 80 miles per hour, the top down on her classic convertible. The swirling eddies created horrible knots that would take hours to untangle when she stopped, but that didn’t matter today. To her delight, she also found that the wind was efficient at drying the blood on her hands.

I’m free at last, she thought, bursting with joy.

Her heart should have been pounding out of her chest with the police closing in – the speedometer now over 100 – but it wasn’t. Serenity had washed over her as the blood flowed from his dying body, gushing over her hands.

She began living again the moment he had died.

What bitter irony that the authorities now wanted to punish her for solving the problems they wouldn’t. Just as she recovered her life, they sought to become her new tormentors.

In her last, defiant act of freedom she pulled the steering wheel hard to the right choosing her own fate.

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