Best Friends.

The party was packed to max capacity.
I pushed my way through the crowd. I couldn’t find the only person I needed to talk to.
Finally, I saw her golden hair. I rushed to her to give her a hug.
“Can I talk to you? It’s really important and it can’t wait.”
“Sure! Of course!”

He took my hand, and in my opinion, they fit together perfectly.
I hoped he was going to tell me what I’ve dreamed of hearing for years.
We walked out in the backyard.
“What is it you have to tell me?”

I swallowed, here it goes. “I have to tell you I’m in love. This girl is amazing and I realize more than ever that we connect.”

My heart was soaring. At long last, I get the guy.
“Really? That’s amazing, this girl is lucky to have you.”
In her mind she imaged him leaning in and kissing her.
“Have you told her?”

“Not quite yet, I am going to now!” He smiled and grasped her hands. “I love you best friend but now I gotta go find Nat!”

My heart was sinking. Once again, second place.
He kissed my cheek and left. My tears washed off his mark.

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