3) The Conquered Few

“When did you get so deep?” chuckled Leo.

Ewan shrugged. In his mind it was better to preserve anger for your enemies than to use it up on your friends. But anger was another rare emotion on planet Earth those days.

There was only hunger left.

“I hardly think it’s worth getting worked up over Russia.”

“Europe is nothing without it,” Leo said. Strangely enough, politics usually calmed him down instead of firing him up more. “We need their support for the war.”

Ewan laughed again, even more mockingly. “The war,” he muttered under his breath. “The USA says ‘no’ to vampires…Big deal!”

“It is, actually,” growled Leo.

“Because you’re after complete world domination?” suggested Ewan.

“It’s a matter of survival,” growled Leo. Ewan loved arguing with him. It was fun to him – working up a killer. He liked watching his friend’s blood boil.

“Yeah, whatever,” shrugged Ewan. “You know that I don’t get into politics that much.”

“Hmm,” Leo replied, slightly disgruntled at his friend’s lack of interest. He’d see.

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