Satan came to me in a dream. How I knew it was Satan, I am not sure. I can only tell you that it was magnificent. The stranger I loved more than anything wrapped His arms around me. His grip was firm, yet gentle. I couldn’t tell you what He looked like, for the image of His perfection was not captured in my memory. I do not think I am meant to know the details of His beauty, but only know it exists.

Satan became my lover in a mere matter of seconds. He fed my blood lust with images of the dead, the suffering, and the damaged. The people that Satan loved so dearly were clear in my vision. “You must aid your Father in the killing of His children.” It was not said in my language, yet I answered in the devil’s tongue. “I will carry out any command you ask of me.”

I began to free His children one by one from the confines of Earth. I had been transformed; awakened. I no longer feared my own death. Let my throat be slit, for my Father promised me a place beside His splendor when I cross from this world to His.

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