How It Feels to Kill

The girl’s small voice asked, “What does it feel like to kill?”

The man flashed her a smile, all white teeth. They reminded her of a predator. The flashy grin you receive from the cannibal planning on eating your flesh.

“It feels empowering. Watching someone stop breathing, witnessing the last breath they take. You can feel their arms and palms releasing. I place my hands on their wrists, and I can feel it. You know when they are gone. It’s as if all their life is rushing out of them. Their veins, once pumping blood, fighting to stay alive, they quit. You can feel the slack and the calmness. You can read it in their face too. The sudden ease and eyes staring at nothing in particular. As you step back to clean up, you realize this was you. You held this insignificant life in your hands and you destroyed it,” the man sounded intense and heated. As if a sudden urge had taken over his mind and he was to slaughter the first thing he set eyes on.

He said, “it’s a game and I always win.”

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