4) The Conquered Few

“I’m a soldier," insisted Ewan, with quiet dominance. "Not a leader.”

But they were both well aware that that was a complete lie. Ewan was talented in manipulating anyone and everyone he met. Leo would have liked a man like him by his side now that he was facing war on two fronts.

Europe was his; really, truly his. The revolution had begun in Britain and had spread. France, Germany, Spain.

There had been blood.

There still was blood.

That’s why Ewan smiled as he read old vampire tales. Time had been when vampires were the race crawling in the dark. Now it was humanity’s turn to fear.

There was still rebellion. Pockets of humans remained, refusing to give in to the inevitable. America had done the right thing in the early days. The screams could be heard from Brazil. The fires were seen even halfway across the Atlantic.

Ewan stroked the shadow of stubble under his sharp chin and watched his friend with dark, fiery eyes.

“They will agree,” he said, confidently. “I know enough to be sure of that.”

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