Spare Parts

Frank switched off his home holo, his consult with the Emdai complete. It recommended a full EEP reseat, as many of his organics were near failure. As he moved into the hall towards the core lift, he mulled whether to finally move to a brain can. He never noticed the old man slip into step behind him. The old man wore a robe – not that it hid from bioscans, but it avoided the visual checks for age enforcement. In the Organic First underground, he was Codger. Codger monitored traffic for reseat prescriptions, as each left a few decent organ leftovers. As Frank moved to more crowded walkways, Codger took advantage to run a quiet bioscan. He tagged the legs, kidneys, and right arm as suitable – then flexed his own left ankle, feeling the arthritis. It was time for a new one, he thought. He sent the bioscan to the OF man in biocartage – to merge with scans by other _OF_fers to create one body with all the needed parts. One body vanishing after a reseat could be a buropop – too many edits raised questions.

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