With the ninja’s free hand, he formed a small hand-symbol and thrust his chakra-hardened head at the sumo’s skull. A pulse emitted from the chubby asian and he threw his arms back, releasing the stealthy agent. The ninja backed up, grabbing his shuriken tied to the back of his belt.


The two rivals turned their heads to the rooftops. On top the pagoda, a tall, husky man stood with the blazing sun to his back. Two grizzly chainsaws hanging from either arm. The fatty and his shaded foe glared at the newcomer. The ninja bolted towards his new target, throwing sharpened darts as he ran. The sumo thrust his hands into the dry earth, grabbed a massive chunk of land, and hurled it at the chainsaw-wielding man.

The darts reached him first, but the man easily flicked them away and as the rock neared him, he thrust his arm down in a chop, cutting the bolder in half. The ninja leapt from building to building until he reached the stranger, grabbing for his katana. *
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