Part 2: Bartering Immortality

It stretched its two front talons across the table’s oak surface and dug into the wood. Its upper back arched downwards, its rump extended high, and its wings spread wide. Its body length was just over two feet, and for a moment it looked intimidating.

Thomas took a few steps back to make room for the stretching owliksir. “Just means I gave you an extra hour of sleep, heh.”

It gave off a sound that was a mix of hoot and feline yawn. Thomas’ attempt at humor did little to amuse the owliksir.

The owliksir pruned a few chest feathers with its curved beak, adjusted both its silver bracelets, and straightened out its jewelled necklace–all undoubtedly arcane–then sat on its haunches and settled its wings about itself like a cape.

“This is what you barter?” The owliksir picked up the lead and gold trinket and began to inspect it meticulously.

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