Was there a time when people would assume a question hadn’t yet found an answer? I imagine bearded wise men asking why and being overrun with the speedy diatribes of those who say because. Then being put down for hastiness. I would have been cheering for the silence, sitting in the quiet austerity of the question.

The people of today’s world plow through the answers, connecting dots and following the leader. There are few questions left in the massive tree of human knowledge. And it’s a sad truth that there was once a time where we sought to break free from the simplest answers about society, virtue and God, but like a metal that’s beaten only to be folded back upon itself, stronger, the simplest ideas of strength have grown like roots.

I choose to live off the grid. I want to find my own truth before I climb the tree.

That’s why I’m dealing cards in the back of a bar. Sometimes, integrity means mediocrity.

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