let go of the bar
and swallow your pride
you might come crashing down
with that first step tonight

feel the sweat on your cheeks
hear the music’s loud call
and know this: I will catch you
if ever you fall

take that first step
you know it could hurt
it makes or it breaks
the balance you court

the rope bends like a dream
that casts you through fear
but you somehow hold on —
never forget I’m here

second step: off the edge
from dry ground to sea
it’s all on the line now
what can and could be

tense muscles, arched back
arms straight as that rope
the crowd can’t see your labor
all they see is your hope

faster now, follow music
sway, counter each blow
of the tug of intertia, of gravity’s taunts
the mocking net beckons from far below

hold on, just hold on
just never let go
just ignore the watchers
just let the grace flow

they can’t see your nerves
and they can’t see your fear -
you think you’ve got nothing -

but I’m always right here

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