Year Zero

The War had been over for months now. Most of civilization had faded to ash after the first bombs were dropped leaving roughly half of the world either contaminated and infected or unphased. I was one of the latter.

It was kinda like the lights went out all of a sudden then FLASH! Everything got really hot followed by a blinding light.

The screams could be heard from miles and miles away. Ungodly screams. Screams you thought would pierce your eardrums and drown out all other sound around you went on for days then weeks. I can still hear them. Though not as continuous, they can still be heard followed by the moans and animalistic growls and guttural raspings of the infected.

Thats right. THE INFECTED!!! The first cases started a few days after the last bomb was dropped. One here. One there. Then more there and alot more here until what seemed like a hundred was more like a thousand! All ambling around aimlessly looking for food until a noise or some idiot just happened to make a run for it.


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