Yup! Zombies...

Nobody was prepared for this. I mean, how could you right? I had read some survival guides as a kid on hunting and foraging in the woods but…fucking zombies bro?

Now understand. This isn’t your classic George Romero zombie apocalypse movie. This was the real-deal-actually-happening-to-me-zombie-apocalypse! And believe me it’s a total friggin’ nightmare!

Most of my family didn’t survive the bombs. Shit they were the lucky few. I was holed up in an elementary school for two weeks with my mom, my son who keep in mind is only a child, my sister and about fifty other people. My girlfriend was missing, having been at her fathers in stamford CT and my brothers were unaccounted for.

The fear…god the fear was unbelievable. For a guy who isn’t really afraid of anything and never scared easy, I WAS SHITTING MY PANTS!!! My dad…R.I.P. had always told me to keep it together no matter the situation. HA! His pants would be completely filled to the brim were he alive.

For my son’s sake I gotta pull it together.

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