Foot steps, distant at first but resounding throughout the room. Thump, thump…crunch. The texture changed, the person was walking on different ground. She frowned slightly at the pain from biting her lower lip, the scab breaking as she scraped it with her teeth where it had split from dryness. She had never wanted chap-stick so much in her life. The only sound was the sound of her breathing. But wait, she was holding her breath in anticipation.

With a whimper of alarm, she forced herself to her feet and staggered backwards. Someone laughed, a low male voice. In the darkness she stepped back, jolting as her bare and battered skin touched the cold concrete of the cell wall. “Huh.” He made a sound of consideration, or observation…

She didn’t even know what had happened, what had possessed her to launch herself in the direction of the voice. Her hands were around his neck and she felt a great surge of pleasure as they fell to the floor. A grunt of effort as she tried to wring the life from her captor.

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