Aught Space

Sam slapped the silly out of the Jump Abort Knob. His hand struck like an asp, right between the knob’s eyes, the eyes being One & Zero.

“Sam, what the pho, do you know how much an Abortion costs? Why the hell did you do that?”

“Will, the code is a ten digit number, all ten digits are zero through nine, but not in any specific order. You never called out a 2.”

“You dumb philistine. I did enter a 2; 41 2 -867-5309! You were thinking about two breasts!”

“I call binary bock-crap, I didn’t hear you say two, but I was asking you about tits and nipples.”

“Sam, are you space dreaming about Terra’s resorts?”

Major Jenny to USS Biden, what the hell? We just got pinged, our accounts have been instantly deducted. The fines are going to be more than the Jump Permit itself!

Sam-the-fast-talker took over. “We seem to have the old issue of the Galactic White pages, do you think Terra changed their jump number? And how many nipples do the Terran men have?”

Damn it! I want those engineers tested now!

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