Becoming Sophia (88)

The dungeon was terrifying and dark, dirty and repulsive, but even worse was the ever present stench of rotting corpses and vomit, or rat droppings and human entrails. The putrid smell lingered no matter how much you tried to fan it away, permeating even the thickest of handkerchiefs soaked in the strongest perfumes.

I sobbed in my corner of the cell, marveling at how life never seemed to forget to remind me of its unfairness. I had once been a fine lady, envied by my peers and adored by my superiors. Now what was I? A liar, a cheat, a common thief even; stuck in a dingy cell to rot away while my ruined plans were brushed off the floor by my wicked step-family. At long last, my body grew tired of crying and the numbing cold became a part of me. My breathing slowed and I fell asleep among the dirt and grime of the hellish dungeon.

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