Becoming Sophia (91)

I was grateful for the dimness of the light that successfully hid my blush. I knew they were just trying to shut me up and it worked all too well for my taste. “So if you can’t just let me out, then what are you going to do?” I wondered. Elsebeth and Andrien exchanged identical grins and it was then that I knew they had a plan…
Time passes differently in complete, blind solitude. One second becomes one minute, one minute becomes one hour, one hour becomes a day…I felt like I’d laid there in the gloom forever. After Elsebeth and Andrien left, I leaned against the wall, wondering to myself if I would survive tomorrow or not. At long last, two guards came to my cell. They each took one of my arms and jostled me along.

The light hit my eyes like daggers, the high noon sun boring into my eye sockets painfully. All around me I could hear the hum of an angry crowd, waiting for justice. My eyes fought to adjust to the light as I moved closer and closer to the gallows.

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