Becoming Sophia (96)

I plunged myself into the crowd, blending in perfectly with the common folk. I pushed my way through, trying to put as much distance as I could between the gallows and myself. Guards called out to one another in the distance, still searching for the Marina Lennon impostor. I hoped to God no one would recognize me and, thankfully, no one did.

I walked and did not look back, away from the palace, over the meadow, through the wood and into the town. I made my way through the village quickly, keeping my head down and my hair covered as I approached the port citadel. When I was almost to the docks, I looked back, expecting to see guards chasing me or the hangman with his noose…but no one was there. Just the busy townspeople and the smell of fish.

I looked around at the last of my home country that I would ever see. I wondered if I would be running forever, if I would ever be recognized by my father’s name, I wondered if anyone even remembered my father.

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