Becoming Sophia (98)

A tear slipped down my dirty cheek, sweeping a clean path down my face. I pressed my fingers to my lips, remembering how Jared’s kiss felt and wishing I could have it again, but knowing I never would. I wished that Jared could feel my heart breaking for leaving him.

Head down, I walked to the dock and asked for passage—I didn’t care where I would go. I was directed to captain after captain, all of whom turned me down until one allowed me aboard to take care of his pregnant wife. They were bound for England, not that it mattered to me. I gave the captain some of the money I had and took my place on the deck.

As I looked around, every sailor’s face reminded me of Jared. Some smiled at me, most glared. They disliked having a woman aboard, but it didn’t bother me. I didn’t much like being on board myself…but it was the only way out. I placed my hands flat on the railing, bracing myself on the edge of the deck and I gazed at the disappearing dock.

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