Becoming Sophia (99)

I didn’t know where I would go or what I would do when I got there, but I would figure it out. I had time. I was going to start over. The port citadel became smaller and smaller in my view and just as it disappeared behind the horizon, I whispered, “Goodbye.”

I turned back to the crew, busy at work with the ever changing wind in their sails and murmured tentatively, “Hello.”

“Hi!” a small ship’s boy replied to me unexpectedly. I looked down in surprise, unable to keep from smiling at his small, joyous face. “Who are you?” he asked. It took me a moment to respond. I couldn’t use my old name anymore…

“Sophia,” I said, using the name I had come up with in the dungeons. “I’m Sophia D’Soleil.” And in that moment, I had only just begun to become her.

[the end…for now]

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