The Awkward Hello

I love the way you look at me
Watching my lips recite the words of a song.
Singing in my own little bubble, with you as my secret audience.
Your head bumps to the beat and I sway my hips
I look over to you and you quickly turn as if I was not sitting there.
Pretending that you weren’t just staring into my soul.
Trying to act like you weren’t wacthing me dance to my favorite song.
Observing my every move when I’m not paying attention.
A smile crept on your face, when you realize that when you turn away, I’m staring at you.
I resume my studies and look away from you.
I feel your eyez exploring my body from a far.
Caressing my skin with soft glares,
Sending chills down my spine as the music from headphones follow shortly after.
I can feel your lip print on my neck
and your breath against the tip of my earlobe
I quickly turned again, and we finally connected
My eyes match yours, and your shyly turn away.
You look up, and I seductively bit my lip.
You nervously waved at me and I subtly said hello.

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