Casting Stones

The game was complete. He’d been working on it for so long. He would create the first character before the game even went on the market. He created a priest. Finally he would have the capability of judging the people who needed it. In the game he would have the power to cast out demons and punish those who had sinned. His character was ready to test.

He directed his priest character to walk down the dusty city street. When he came upon a sinner, he told his character to “cast stones.”

Just as he clicked the button, several black Escalades drove up outside his home. He could see them out the large window near his desk. Men climbed out and began throwing stones at his house. The man leaped up. What were they doing? They would harm his home and his grounds!

His young son rushed into the room just as he was about to go out.

“Father, what are they doing?”

“Senton, stay here. Don’t leave this room.” He rushed out, leaving his son behind.

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