A torturous ordeal

They blindfolded him and strapped him onto a metal stretcher; pints of ice cold water were forced into his lungs through a cloth that covered his face while his mouth was forced open. He sang in shrieking fits, gagging for air. The horrific treatment continued as the sadistic nature of the men took over.
The sound of gushing water ceased as did the muffled screams. The shadowed men slowly lifted the cloth, revealing the paralyzed fear embedded in his face. His eyes darted frantically looking desperately for salvation. “It’s just you and I my friend, no toy soldier is coming to help you” smirked the shadow. The resilience faded from the man’s eye which was replaced with a look of terrified resignation.
“I’m just a private, I…i..i’ve got nothin’ to tell… please” he pleaded.
“You are in no position to lie to me! You dirty little swine!” He gathered his phlegm and spat it viciously at him.
“Now tell me, where are you stationed?”

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