A Lot Of Pickup

The pursuit took the speeding Lotus out of sight of the flipped truck, and Lisa looked to the terrified man in the passenger seat. “Listen, I know you’re scared but it’ll be okay, we’re the good guys more or less. I need you to stay calm while I check on my partners.” she said, and thumbed a control on the steering wheel. “You guys alright? Still getting our telemetry?”

A devastating fusillade of plasma bolts slammed into the pursuing marauder automech as it hit the intersection. The smoking remains careened into a lightpole.

“What do you think?” Sera’s voice sounded over the radio, seething with rage. “Jamie’s a little banged up, he should see a doctor once we get back to the base to be safe.”

“I think I should never get on your bad side.” Lisa said. “Our backup just got on the Veteran’s, we just have to make sure his backup doesn’t catch us first.”

“I’ve waited years to say this!” James exclaimed, giddy with adrenaline.

“Say what?” Sera asked.

“They’re not gonna catch us. We’re on a mission from god!”

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