I couldn’t decide whether I was tired or awake. The numbers on the clock flashed in the dark, trying hard to convince me it was night.
I nestle up in the sheets being warmed by my body heat, encasing me in comfort.

The ground made crunching noises under my feet, the snow beneath my shoes turned into ice. I was walking on a frozen lake, contemplating each step carefully.
I look across the lake and see a boy in the middle of the frozen body of water; it was my brother.
“Hey! What are you doing out here?!” I shout at him but he didn’t see me. I get closer to him, but the ice gets thinner. He finally looks at me, “here come on!”
I reach out my hand, but he falls through the ice.
I scream his name as his body sinks like an anchor.

I sit up, covered in sweat.
He never leaves my thoughts. I shiver.
I look around, I’m on ice, and it creaks under me. I fall through, fighting, but the cold stuns me to paralysis.
The moon shines, and I sink like an anchor. He is there to greet me at the gates.
“Hello again.”

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