Dead Inside

I know why you do it. I know you must hurt inside. I know you feel you can’t stop.

I know you feel dead inside.

I know you’re an asshole. I know it makes it worse. I know how you hate yourself.

I know how you’re dead inside.

I know you still love me. I know you still care. I know how good you can be. I know that you’re there.

I know how you’ve been dead inside.

This demon that’s gripped you, He’ll scratch and He’ll tear. All of the feelings inside you, I see Him. He’s standing right there.

I know He’s made you dead inside.

Don’t let Him beat you. Don’t let him win. I know that He’s got you! You’re shrouded in sin!

I see how you’re dead inside.

Put down the bottle. Flush all of your pills. Do you know what you’re doing? Do you know that it kills?

I know it’s made you dead inside.

It must be dark. You must be in pain. But all that you’ve done to us. Is driving me insane. You can stop.You can live. It isn’t so hard. Just quit all this bullshit! You fucking retard!

You don’t have to be dead inside.

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