I Can Almost Recall.

I am me.
I forget many things but I try to remember.
My best friend is my age, she always liked black licorice.
My boyfriend, well, let’s just say he didn’t always make the right choices, but he’s okay now.
I always knew I liked high heeled shoes. I liked the way they clicked on the cement when I walked.
Gym class wasn’t my thing, I always faked my injuries to get out of participating.
Prom was the best night of my life during my last year of high school.
I’m pretty sure my old house was torn down a few years back. I wouldn’t know, I haven’t visited it since we left.
I’m in a move right now, as I write.
I’ve moved a lot.
I just got a haircut, I really like it.
I have a best friend, she likes black licorice.
I also like high heeled shoes.

I forget things a lot, I don’t mean to. I try to get better, I think I’m honestly improving.

I am me.
I can tell you my name, but can’t tell you who I see in the mirror.
I didn’t cut my hair.

I am me…I think.
I can almost recall how to spell my name…

Who am I?

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