Cirque de la Lune

A trickle of moonlight crawled inside the tent, casting a shadow onto the ringleader’s face. He grinned widely, twirling his cane in a gloved hand. Music played softly in the background.

“Welcome to Cirque de la Lune, held only at midnight! Here, you will see a variety of different performances.” his voice boomed loudly over the talking of the crowd. They shushed almost instantly and everybody watched the man in the center of the ring. “Please welcome the first show of the night, the Twisted Trio!”

A young man carried a medium-sized box into the ring as everyone watched with looks of wonder. He set the box down. A series of screams and thuds echoed from the box, startling the crowd. He pulled off the bright blanket that hid the contents of what was imprisoned in it. The transparent walls revealed three women in it. Two were screaming from horror. Blood trickled down the glass. The third woman’s eyes were dead, glassy. She’d broken her neck when the man had moved them.. That was when all hell broke loose.

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