Price Tag.

Before she thought it out, she took the item and stuck it in her purse. Her arms and hands betrayed her, and made her become the woman she was not raised to be.
She didn’t want it to be this way, but it was happening.

“Just take it! I do it all the time. Here, take the tag off like so, and then put it in your purse.” The girl ripped the tag into pieces and dashed them on the floor.
Her heart was racing, literally. “I can buy the top, it’s not a big deal. I don’t think stealing should be the answer.”
Her friend rolled her eyes and kept stashing items in her purse like it was free candy on halloween. “Suit yourself. Buy all the things you want, but I’m going to get it for free.”
The shirt was in her hand, showing her a map of two roads. The road less traveled, or the straight shot to acceptance?
A force pulled her hand to her purse and slipped the shirt inside. They headed for the exit, her friend with a clear conscious but not her.
She was becoming the girl her parents always warned her about…

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