Part 2: The Belly of the Deep Sea Cavern

“Maybe the pirates drown in the cave while hiding their gold. Their loss, our gain, right?” Antonio said with a smirk. The playboy winked his eye at Manuel and inserted his mouthpiece.

“May God rest their souls if that’s true,” Manuel said. The action of lowering his goggles was quickly followed by the sign of the cross across his wetsuit.

“Hell, if they’re still shambling around down there,” Louisa added, “they’ll take a celestium spear to the head!” Louisa raised her speargun like a proud warrior. In went her mouthpiece.

“People go missing down there and yet you all joke,” Manuel said. “What kind of treasure gains its value in corpses?” Manuel mumbled more to himself than to be heard by anyone in particular.

Manuel shuffled over to the other three deep sea adventurers and placed in his mouthpiece.

There would be no more talking from here on in.

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