Man, she is beautiful, he thought to himself. I’m so lucky I have her.
He walks behind her, enjoying the view of her waving hair swaying back and forth. The breeze blew it lightly, sending the scent of her shampoo in his direction. He inhaled her sweet smell, relaxing coconut, she was his own paradise.
He could see the blisters beginning to form on the back of her heels. He knew she’s had a long day just by looking at her stance. He imagines rubbing down her feet and taking away her aches and pains.
She began reaching in her purse for her keys, she was only up the street.
They continued to walk in silence, but he didn’t need to speak.
She walks up the steps and unlocks the door, closing it shut behind her.
He proceeds to his car and sat in the drivers seat parked across the street. He reaches his glove box, and pulls out his unfailing binoculars. He imagined himself taking off the clothes she was removing.
He places them to his eyes, and continued imagining their life together.
I’m so lucky I have her.

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